JD Malat Gallery

JD Malat Gallery aims to promote deserving artists and pair collectors with the perfect art for them.

We deal with primary and secondary market, providing access to illustrious galleries, museums and foundations where emerging and well-known artists alike can showcase their work, and where it can be seen by the public, press, and interested collectors. We personally work with every client, matching artists with the best avenues for growth in the art world, and apprising every collector of the attainable works that suit their tastes and complement the spaces they wish to create.


Jean-David Malat, Founder

Jean-David Malat, born in Paris, France, is a London-based art dealer and curator.

JD is an internationally recognized curator and art expert who has worked privately with special clients and has been in the industry for more than twelve years.

He has contributed to a number of publications including The Huffington Post. He also supports the Serpentine Gallery, is a member of the committee for the  UK Youth London, and is a patron of the Tate and the Royal Academy of Art.

Over many years, JD has collaborated with numerous museums and foundations. In 2007, he redesigned the art-on-display of the Théâtre Mogador in Paris for its opening, by including works by several contemporary artists. In 2014, he curated the first Bernard Buffet retrospective exhibition, at the The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. Buffet was one of the many artists that JD helped to achieve international acclaim.

JD has discovered, promoted and established over a dozen formerly-unknown artists, and aims to use his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world’s attention.


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JD Malat Gallery connects talented artists with international museums, galleries, and private collections to prepare short-term and permanent exhibitions. We also aid artists in finding a market for their work, fostering connections between them, institutions and collectors with potential interest in their art.

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JD Malat Gallery’s artworks from our emerging artists are some of our most important products. Closely connected to these products is our principal service, discovering and representing new talented artists.

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JD Malat Gallery acts as a broker, acquiring artworks on consignment and facilitating their sale to private collectors. Jean-David Malat has a wealth of experience in dealing with the secondary market. Over the past 12 years, he has brokered the sales of contemporary works such as those of Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter.

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We provide our clients a full service experience, including installation in your location of choice. Our team members are all proficient and experienced, and can help on all aspects of the installation.

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Our excellent team stores all our clients’ artwork in storage facilities across the UK. Storage security is our utmost priority. Our staff is trained to handle valuable artworks with the greatest possible care.

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Our experienced team is well versed in the international shipping business, so you can be assured that your piece of art is shipped and handled safely and in a timely manner.

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Our team believes that each frame should be produced with care and attention. We do custom frames to specification and we can also suggest the most appropriate frame to complement any new purchase.

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