Andrew Litten is a British artist, born in Aylesbury, 1970. He is self-taught and currently works from
his studio in Fowey, Cornwall.

Andrew Litten’s work explores raw human existence. He is searching the poetry of living, loving,
hurting, and dying through depicting the powerful, the vulnerable, and the human. His work
articulates anxieties surrounding the fragility of life, unguardedly exploring complex states of our
contemporary condition through a multifaceted body of work; this includes large scale figurative
paintings, bronze sculpture, and mixed media work, created using everything from gouache and oil
paint to hair and screws.

Litten’s base aim is to define issues of contemporary social conditioning and private confusion, and
place this within a wider humanistic context. He wants to create “art that speaks of the love, anger,
loss, personal growth and the private confusions we all experience in our lives. To create stories of
authenticity that compress a sense of endurance of the human spirit.”

He dropped out of art college as a teenager, finding it restricting and claustrophobic. He is inspired
by the commonplace, stimulated by the many works in his studio and by the activity of art making,
assembling, collaging, scoring texture into surfaces, and manipulating the material qualities of paint.
His portraits are characterised by a challenging intensity, used to represent dependence,
breakdown, faith, mourning, and responsibility. Litten peels back civility to uncover animal instincts
and fears, it forces us to confront the uncomfortable.


Solo Exhibitions


FRAGILE TOGETHER 2021 JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

SOMETHING IS WRONG 2020 De Queeste Art, Belgium

CONCERNING THE FRAGILE  2020 Anima Mundi, St Ives, UK

ORDINARY BODIES | ORDINARY BONES 2018 Anima Mundi, St Ives UK, Arts Council Supported
IMPROMPTU 2018 Drill Hall Gallery, National Australian University, Canberra, Australia
ARCHIVE (selected work 1990-99) 2018 Royal Cornwall Museum Truro, UK
NEED 2016 Patrick Davies CA, Herts, UK
I WISH YOU ILL AND HOPE YOU SUFFER AS MUCH AS I HAVE 2014 Spike Island Test Space, Bristol
I D SMEAR 2013 Motorcade / FlashParade, Bristol, UK
GUEST 2012 L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London
I D SMEAR 2012 Millennium Gallery, St Ives, UK
THIS IS REAL 2011 Oo Gallery, New York, USA
PAINTINGS 2008 Goldfish, Penzance, UK
CONNECT ? 2007 Goldfish, Penzance, UK
FREE RANGE 2006 Goldfish, Penzance, UK
ORDINARY BODIES 2005 Goldfish, Penzance, UK
I TRUST YOU IMPLICITLY 2005 Galerie Pelar, New York City, USA
SOMETHING HAPPENED 2004 Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland



Group Exhibitions


Summer Exhibition 2021 JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

Castles of Sand 2021 Anima Mundi, St Ives, UK

Isolation Mastered 2020 JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

Made in Britain. 82 Painters of the 21st Century 2019 Muzeum Narodowe w Gdansk, Poland
Protected By Alarms 2019 Anima Mundi, St Ives, UK

Winter Exhibition 2018 Anima Mundi, St Ives, UK
Contemporary Masters from Britain 2018 Yantai Art Museum, China
Anything Goes 2017 Art Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK
Testcard. P 2017 The Crypt Gallery (Marylebone) London, UK
Contemporary Masters from Britain 2017 , Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum, China,
Contemporary Masters from Britain 2017 Jiangsu Art Gallery, Nanjing, China
Contemporary Masters from Britain 2017 Jiangsu Museum of Arts and Crafts (Artall), Nanjing, China
The Musings of Creatures 2016 Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth, UK
Sixty 2016 Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Now In Reverse 2014 Hundred Years Gallery, London
Armory Show 2014, See|Gallery, New York, USA
This Me Of Mine (Self time and context in the digital age) 2013 Ipswich Art School Gallery, Ipswich, UK
On Paper (incl. Kitaj, Hambling, Rego, Hockney) 2012 Snig Hill Gallery, Sheffield
St Ives Collection (incl. Passmore, Nicholson, Heron) 2012 Snig Hill Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Accidental Genius 2012 Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee
Kunstfactor 2012 Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany
L13 2012 L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London, UK
Drawing The Line 2011 Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy
AC/BC 2011 Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany
Unoriginal 2011 RSA Collective at Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Red 2011 Cultivate Vyner Street, London, UK
Afternoon Tea 2011 W.W.Gallery, London at the Venice Biennale, Italy
Book 2011 Oo Gallery , New York, USA
Concrete Skin 2011 BHVU Gallery, London, UK
Foot 2011 Oo GALLERY, New York, USA
No Soul For Sale 2010 TATE MODERN (turbine Hall) London, UK

The Museum Of Everything 2010 at the CRUNCH FESTIVAL, Wales, UK
Short Stories with Geraldine Cox 2008 ARTSPACE, Nottingham, UK
No Theme 2008 Goldfish, Penzance, UK
The Figure Show 2007 JILL GEORGE GALLERY, London, UK
Move 2007 LIME WHARF GALLERY, London, UK
Margins 2007 SHERBORNE HOUSE, Dorset, UK
Mixed 2005 GOLDFISH Penzance, UK
Mixed 2004 HILLSBORO FINE ART, Dublin
Nudes (incl Renoir,Epstien,Grant) 2003 GALLERIE PELAR, New York, USA
Entry 2002 DICK THE DOG, Penzance, UK





EVERYDAY MEANS Selected Small Works 1990-1999 published by Royal Cornwall Museum
CONTEMPORARY MASTERS FROM BRITAIN published by Jiangsu (Artall) Museum of Arts and Crafts
CONTEMPORARY MASTERS FROM BRITAIN published by Priseman Seabrook exhibition catalogue
THE MUSINGS OF CREATURES, by Andrew Lanyon published by Falmouth Art Gallery 2016
MANIFEST, International Painting Annual published by Manifest, Ohio 2015
THIS ME OF MINE Self, time and context in the digital age 2013
GUEST solo exhibition catalogue published by L-13 2012
ART TAKES MIAMI catalogue 2012
TIMES SQUARE billboard N.Y by Artists Wanted 2012
ID SMEAR solo exhibition catalogue published by Millennium 2012
AFTERNOON TEA catalogue published by W.W. Gallery 2011
CONCRETE SKIN catalogue published by BHVU Gallery 2011
ART EXPO catalogue for Art Expo art fair 2011, Artisan Direct
EVERYTHING #2 Museum of everything catalogue for Tate Modern exhibition
ART WITHOUT CATEGORY British and Irish art from The Petullo Collection.
PAINTINGS solo exhibition catalogue Published by Goldfish 2008
CONNECT ? solo exhibition catalogue Published by Goldfish 2007
FREE RANGE solo exhibition catalogue published by Goldfish
ORDINARY BODIES solo exhibition catalogue with text by Paul Vibert, Published by Goldfish

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‘Fragile Together’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Fragile Together’ Exhibition Catalogue

Work Featured in:

Andrew Litten: Connect

Summer Exhibition 2022

Andrew Litten: Fragile Together

Summer Exhibition 2020