Born in 1967, Stuttgart, Germany, Annett Zinsmeister focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, and cultural studies. She creates large-scale installations, conceptual and built spaces, photography, film, collages, drawings,  etc. 

She merges theoretical research with conceptual art practice but with an extra-ordinary effect: her work has a tremendous immersive impact on the viewer. Her installations are realized to challenge human perception, unexceptional habits, the antagonism of utopian ideas and the social and built reality. Annett Zinsmeister works open new perspectives on unrevealed potentials of disputatious and abandoned spaces and initiate processes of urban interventions and transformations.

The artist fathoms communication, social interaction and the meaning of transformation of urban space in her fascinating search for identity. Recurring fundamentals in her oeuvre are for example the use and creation of modular principles, multiples, structures, patterns; as well as the artistic play with utopian models and avantgarde space concepts. 

Annett Zinsmeister is driven by the belief in interdisciplinary communication and interaction, aiming to bring people together and involve them into a vivid dialogue. Her work has been published in well-known magazines, art catalogues, and books. It has been shown in international solo and group exhibitions and is part of international private and public collections as MoMA in New York.


Important Collections 

-MoMA – Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

-Karl Ernst Osthaus, Museum Hagen,  Germany

-NBK – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Berlin, Germany

-Deutscher Bundestag zu, Berlin, Germany

-About Change Collection, Munich, Germany

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