Anotherview is an ongoing video art project that explores the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces around the world. The project consists of researching and recording 24-hour views in ‘4k’ from different places around the world to build portable windows that can be controlled by a unique smartphone app.

As contemporary archivists, the Anotherview team dedicate their practice to researching, recording and saving important and unique places in present time in an effort to build an archive for future generations.

As gallerist Michael Vince Snyder once said, “there is a marvellous exuberance in the work of Anotherview, as they present a kind of contemporary nostalgia of the present, caught within 24-hour loops. Through these window “views,” viewers are confronted with both temporal and spatial displacement. Always seen as a metaphor for perception, the window, an architectural feature by convention fixed into place, becomes a lens for seeing beyond our present place and time.”

In contrast to our fast moving and fragmented reality, Anotherview urges the viewer to focus on the slower passing of time by recording the daily activities over a 24-hour time period. By presenting the video loops through a portable window, Anotherview prompts the viewer to discover a new sense of perception of time and space from the perspective of their home. Mixing the frontiers between our past, present and future, Anotherview critically engages with themes concerning reality, temporality and spatiality.

The Anotherview team has been recording views in New York City, the Okaukuejo/ Etosha National Park in Namibia, Shanghai, Camargue, Venice, Portofino, the Alps, India and Capetown. Anotherview has been shown in international art fairs, including Jingart in Beijing, Art Basel, DesignMiami in Basel, Salone del Mobile in Milan and PAD in London. Anotherview is also currently working on a project entitled ‘Once we were there’ which brings 24-hour video loops of slow moving natural and manmade occurrences in our environment to raise awareness of beautiful places that are currently endangered, urging the viewer to confront issues of climate change, human carelessness and sudden shifts of societal behaviour.

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