Ayanfe Olarinde (b. 1996) is a self-taught visual artist currently employing scribbling techniques as well as photography in creating intricately detailed and multi-layered images.

In her work, Olarinde explores the themes of self-image, identity formation, social reality, collective history and mental health, while probing popular culture and the inefficiencies of the government in contemporary society. Drawing from imperfections in her personal, continuous journey for acceptance, Olarinde’s engagement with the scribbling technique serves to interrogate emotion while also exploring fluidity in form.

“Emoting through the ranging thickness of my scribbling, I find harmony in jaga-jaga (crooked lines) which became a skillset forged from the heat of frustration along the path to self-discovery upon which I found my truth.”

Olarinde was introduced to Jean-David Malat, Founder, through an art curator. Since then, they have been working together. She is currently a mentee at the Nlele institute, lives and works in Lagos.

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‘Woman, Empowered’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Woman, Empowered’ Exhibition Catalogue