Celine Ali (b. 1997) is a London-based artist, who spent her childhood navigating between the two cultures of Romania and her homeland, Turkey. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at Northumbria University Newcastle (2019) and a Masters’ degree in Fine Art at London Metropolitan (2021), she pursued her independent artistic practice. Celine’s work explores a wide range of concepts, including the multiplicity of identity, human connectivity, emotional intimacy and unconventional ideas of woman’s existence through bold and vibrant compositions. 

Celine’s paintings are deliberately layered in an abstract and figurative manner, alluding to her cubist influences. Her rich visual narratives fluctuate between representation and abstraction, with Celine’s ultimate signature feature being the faceless figures. With no hint of conventional visage, Celine seeks to create figures with ambiguous identities, enabling the viewer to build their own narrative.

Essentially, in her practice, Celine explores the contrast between fragility and strength and reflects on it. She aims to evoke fragility through the lens of both vulnerability and power, while the narratives are a constant exploration of female experience and what it means to be a human being. 

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