Hans Kotter was born in Mühldorf, Germany in 1966 and studied at the Art Students League in New York City alongside contemporary artists, Bruce Dorfman and William Scharf. Now living and working in Berlin, Germany, his light-based work focuses on the pluriverse of optical possibilities that break through the boundaries of space and vision. His installations control the perception of its audience in technically refined combinations, creating a sense of illusion both physically and mentally. In this way, Kotter’s work aims to re-define the given surroundings, changing the interior of the respective object based on light-generated structures.

LED lights, fluorescent light tubes, glass, plexi, mirrors, metal and other materials serve as a basis for the creation of these light-art works, which continuously take on different shapes, and in their reference, test any conceivable form of dealing with light. It is difficult to categorise Kotter’s artwork since their appearance and technical finish open up new ideas of image and thought. Whether in an interaction of colour or black-and-white aesthetics focusing on a shadow effect, the result artistically and technically amazes its viewers.

Kotter has exhibited since the early 1990s throughout Europe and the United States and his works are included in both public and private collections worldwide, including the Kinetica Museum, London and the Kunstmuseum Celle, Germany.

Important Collections

MAKK Museum, Cologne, Germany

Targetti Light Art Collection, Italy

Collection of the German Federal Parliament, Germany

Museum Ritter, Germany

Collection DEKA Bank, Germany

Collection Jean et Colette Cherqui, France

Collection Aareal Bank, Germany

Collection Gerald and Jody Lippes, Naples, FL, USA

AT&T Collection, Dallas, Texas

Collection Gerard L. Cafesjian, USA/Armenia

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‘Transformation’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Transformation’ Exhibition Catalogue

Work Featured in:

Hans Kotter: Transformation