K Blick is a South Korean artist based in London. She completed her initial degree in Graphic and Fashion Design at Tokyo Mode College of Fashion and Design in Tokyo, Japan, followed by her MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London in 2020.

Since 2019, K Blick has explored different forms of visual distortion, discontinuity, and dynamic movements. Largely influenced by Greek mythology, Blick seeks to unpack the traditional hierarchies between humanity and nature as depicted in history paintings. Human figures, flora and fauna meld together through Blick’s swathes of colour and swirling brush strokes to unveil her blissful vision and hopes for equilibrium between humanity and nature. Drawing elements from the disorderly nature of Baroque art and architecture, and 17th century Portuguese tiling, Blick not only creates a new visual language of anthropomorphic abstraction, but also contributes to our contemporary conversation on the connection between humanity and the environment.

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