Katrin Fridriks was born in Iceland in 1974. She is an abstract expressionist painter who examines questions about new technologies and polemical scientific research of the contemporary age. The artist explores forces that mould our society and raises controversial and political themes through her pieces. Her artistic process looks at stimulating our memory and consciousness. Her Icelandic roots have aroused a curiosity primarily in the four elements – air, fire, earth and water. These elements are powerfully displayed in her native country by volcanoes, geysers and glaciers, and these have shaped her way to comprehend nature and life.

With her well-defined colour palette using silver, gold, copper and aluminium as backgrounds and shadows, Fridriks takes us deeper into her richly colorful world. Through the enlarged size and shape of her drippings, in the vein of pioneer Jackson Pollock yet with an enhanced precision and technique, the movement of her kinetic abstract paintings are heightened, giving a stronger rhythm and boldness. The essence of this visual language radiates from a self-taught urban iconoclast. Emphasized by a tireless work on matter and technique, her abstract expressionism combined with subtle Japanese calligraphic details embodies all the cultural wealth and open-mindedness from years spent in several countries. Fridriks pictorial substance envelops space, shape and time. Creating new perspectives, her work brings an innovative dimension to abstraction.


-Jeremy Rocher Private Art Collection

-Ron Dennis Private Art Collection

-Christian Courtin- Clarins Private Art Collection

-Taittinger Private Art Collection

-Palais Benedictine, Fecamp, France

-Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

‘Artist in Focus’: Katrin Fridriks

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‘Grey Area’ Catalogue

‘Grey Area’ Catalogue

Artist in Focus Q&A: Katrin Fridriks

Artist in Focus Q&A: Katrin Fridriks

Isolation Series, Catalogue

Isolation Series, Catalogue

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Summer Exhibition 2020

Summer Exhibition 2019

‘Grey Area’ Katrin Fridriks

Summer Exhibition 2018