Lucía Mosca (b. 1989) is a leading Italian-Venezuelan artist in contemporary abstract painting. Mosca studied Law at the Andrés Bello University, Caracas, Venezuela and later studied art in Colombia’s National University.

Mosca brings an innovative approach to painting. While using traditional materials such as oils and acrylics, she also incorporates contemporary media such as spray paints and paint markers. These diverse materials are then applied to the canvas in a variety of ways; through a combination of brush and pencil work, spraying and dripping, Mosca creates paintings with energetic dynamism at their very core.

Through her multimedia paintings that combine both fluid and linear forms, Mosca develops upon concepts first explored in Lyrical Abstraction, a type of abstract painting related to Abstract Expressionism that drew upon the lessons of Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). For its leading artists Hans Hartung (1904-1989), a German-French painter, and French painter Georges Mathieu (1921-2012), lyrical abstraction represented an opening to personal expression. Mosca’s work shares the free, emotive and personal compositions unrelated to objective reality that are characteristic of this movement.

The dynamic work of Mosca also presents a new avenue for contemplating the potential of abstraction as a personal expression. In the broadest sense, abstraction involves subjective personal expression as the foundation for expressing meaning in art. By creating work without a particular theme or subject in mind, Mosca traces back to the same existential quest. Each artwork has two facets, the moment of its creation and the viewer’s interpretation. As such, while her work certainly presents a reflection of her psychological state, it also calls for a stronger engagement with the viewer’s mind. Mosca’s instinctive compositions of lyrical, intertwined lines and dynamic forms thus invite the viewer into a subjective participation of personal meaning.

Mosca’s work has been shown in various group exhibitions including ‘Línea Blanda’ curated by Oscar Roldán Alzate at Galería Sextante, Colombia and several editions of Bogota’s International Art Fair, ARTBO. In 2017 she was selected to participate in the ‘Rede de Atelies de Gravura na América Latina’ residency by Goethe’s Institut Porto Alegre, Brasil. In 2018 she had a solo show at Galeria Sextante, Colombia and her work has been auctioned in venues such as Su +arte and BePart under Christie’s. Her work has recently been featured in group exhibitions ‘The Contemporary Human Condition’ and ‘Abstraction and The Natural World’ at JD Malat Gallery in 2020.

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‘The Contemporary Human Condition’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘The Contemporary Human Condition’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Abstraction and The Natural World’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Abstraction and The Natural World’ Exhibition Catalogue

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