Luis Olaso is a Spanish artist (b. 1986). He was initially self-taught, later studying Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country. He currently lives and works in Bilbao.

Olaso’s large, abstract canvases possess an expressive power drawn from the artist’s feelings, state of mind, and personal views. He works from improvisation, and divides his process into two parts: Action and analysis; he paints impulsively, creating shapes, spots, and colour plans, and then observes what he has created for hours, trying to analyse what does and doesn’t work. In Olaso’s mind, this impulsive energy helps the work become fresher and more visceral, able to reach his internal feelings more effectively.

Often working with plant elements and human bodies, he is interested in the contrasts between order and chaos, the visual tension between colour, geometry, organic shapes, and accidents. Olaso never has a concrete idea of what he wants to transmit, instead he is principally interested in the idea that his painting speaks of himself, and as a result he considers all his work a dynamic self-portrait. He states that “my work is the result of how I am, how I work. I always do it unconsciously; we could say that it is a painting that is born from the irrational part of the brain.”



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 Insight, Makasiini Contemporary, Turku. Finland

2021  Physis, JD Malat Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2020 Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland.

2019 KUR Art Gallery, San Sebastian, Spain.

2019 Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland.

2017 Mirat & Co Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2016 Galeria Abartium, Barcelona, Spain.

2015 Centro 14, Alicante, Spain.

2014 Aixerrota Arte, Getxo, Spain.

2014 Blancao, Madrid, Spain.

2013 Estudio Raquel Chamorro, Madrid, Spain.

2011 Sala previa El Estudio, Madrid, Spain.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022    Summer Exhibition, JD Malat Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2021    Under 35 to Watch, JD Malat Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2020    Group Exhibition, JD Malat Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2019 Summer Group Exhibition, Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland.

2018 Prison des eveques, Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.

2018 Reina Sofia Painting Contest, Casa de Vacas, Madrid, Spain.

2017 International Art Biennial of Cerveria, Cerveira, Portugal.

2017 Museo Casa Ibanez, Melilla, Spain.

2017 Museo Luis de Morales, Badajoz, Spain.

2017 Reina Sofia Painting Contest, Casa de Vacas, Madrid, Spain.

2016 Exhibition Hall, Pola de Siero, Asturas, Spain.

2016 De lo concreto a lo abstracto, Nave 73, Madrid, Spain.

2016 Zabaleta Museum, Jaen, Spain. 2016 Museu d’Art de Prego, Alicante, Spain.

2016 Museu d’Art de Prego, Alicante, Spain.

2016 Sala Francisco Pradilla, Zaragoza, Spain.

2015 Ibercaja, Patio de la infanta, Zaragoza, Spain.

2015 Zabaleta Museum, Jaen, Spain.

2015 International Painting Biennial, Miquel Viladrich, Llieda, Spain.

2015 Propuestas 2015, Centro14, Alicante, Spain.

2014 Pablo Picasso Museum, Malaga, Spain.

2013 Academy of fine arts, Sabadell, Spain.


Selected International Art Fairs

2022 Artmonte-Carlo, JD Malat Gallery, Monte Carlo, Monaco 

2022  ZONA MACO, JD Malat Gallery, CDMX, Mexico City, Mexico

2019 Untitled, Makasiini Contemporary, Miami Beach, USA.

2017 Art Marbella, Malaga, Spain.


Selected Collections

Yusaku Maezawa Contemporary Art foundation, Tokyo, Japan.

Diputacion foral de Bizkaia, Spain.

Luis de Morales Museum, Spain.

Simco. Stefan Simchowitz Collection, USA.

Santander Creativa Foundation, Spain.

Diego del Alcazar Collection, Spain.

Biography & Works


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‘Physis’ Exhibition Catalogue

‘Physis’ Exhibition Catalogue

Work Featured in:

Summer Exhibition 2022

Luis Olaso: Physis

Under 35 To Watch – PARALLEL