Born in 1981, Luxembourg, Sali Muller is an installation and sculptor artist who uses reflective surfaces in order to address universal feelings of self-doubt, self-reflection and self-revelation. Having previously received her MA in Visual Arts at the University Marc Bloch of Strasbourg, France in 2006, she followed courses of History of art courses in Germany until 2009. Analyzing the human habits of vision and perception, Sali Muller questions the concepts of selfishness, vanity and ultimately of the finiteness of our visual culture. Employing reflective surfaces alongside video, light and sound installations, Muller not only investigates the role of the individual in relation to him or herself and the environment around, but also the way human beings alienate themselves from nature and from this narcissistic need of self reflection  leading to question self-perception.

Her work stimulates reflection on this idea of subjectivity of perception, but consists of mirrors which for the most part do not reflect images. Thus forming into a narrative of anti-reflection which dissolve the figure. Through her work, Muller directs the visitor to experience the melancholic evanescence of the figure-self but also to embrace a new openness and self-awareness.


Biography & Works