APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your interest.

As a gallery that has inclusivity and diversity at its core, JD Malat Gallery stands against bigotry, bias and discrimination in all its forms and we aim to support artists standing with the global network Black Lives Matter and responding to the recent events during this unprecedented period.

We truly believe that art has the power to positively influence society by challenging sociopolitical frameworks, translating experiences across space and time, and instilling positive values.

As such, we are calling all UK-based artists for ‘Isolation Mastered’ to join us in being actively aware of art’s role as a vehicle for change.

We hope that ‘Isolation Mastered’ not only provides artists of all ages and backgrounds with a platform for artistic expression, but also presents a space to raise awareness about the oppressed and the need for global change. We strongly encourage applicants who aim to reflect these principles and values through their work to apply.

We are honoured to embrace the diverse artistic responses to recent events and hope that ‘Isolation Mastered’ will be a step of many to help channel all emotions and experiences into positive action.

We also hope you can join us in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by following the links to donation pages below.
Black Lives Matter Fund:
Black Lives Matter UK:
Stand Up To Racism:
Black Visions Collective:
Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust: