Jean-David Malat, Founder

Jean-David Malat, born in Paris, France, is a London-based art dealer and curator.

JD is an internationally recognized curator and art expert who has worked privately with special clients and has been in the industry for more than fourteen years.

He has been featured in and contributed to a number of publications including The Huffington Post and The Times. He also supports the Serpentine Gallery, and is a patron of the Tate and the Royal Academy of Art.

Over many years, JD has collaborated with numerous museums and foundations. In 2007, he redesigned the art-on-display of the Théâtre Mogador in Paris for its opening, by including works by several contemporary artists. He has also curated exhibitions at world renowned museums, such as The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. Through a series of exhibitions and museum shows, JD has helped several artists including Santiago Parra, Conrad Jon Godly and Henrik Uldalen achieve international acclaim.

JD has discovered, promoted and established over a dozen formerly-unknown artists, and aims to use his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world’s attention. The launch of the gallery in June 2018 caused much excitement worldwide and was internationally featured in the press including The Telegraph.

During the summer of 2020, JD expertly adapted in the face of the Coronavirus crisis and launched a group exhibition titled ‘Isolation Mastered’. This show gave aspiring artists of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork. The gallery received over 1,000 submissions and featured 25 artists in the exhibition, selecting artists who demonstrated innovative dialogue with the lockdown period. 8,000 public votes selected 5 top artists, with Andrew Litten and Kojo Marfo being added to the JD Malat Gallery artist roster. Not only did this exhibition provide a vital platform for new artists, but it also served to foster connection and strengthen the art community in a time of unprecedented distance.


‘Presence In Absence’ by Ian Cumberland – Opening

‘Presence in Absence’ by Ian Cumberland is officially open! From 7 September until 5 October 2020, ‘Presence in Absence’ consists of installations that utilise portraits as part of a multi-part tableau, establishing a dialogue between objects. Cumberland’s works involve an assemblage of theatrical objects, adding abnormal touches and unsettling...

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