5 Tips for New Art Collectors

Date: 27 April 2020

Our Founder, Jean-David Malat collaborated with @ratedmodernart on Instagram to give his top 5 tips for new art collectors.

Watch our YouTube video here.

‘What should I buy?’

My first advice would be to buy and to collect what you like based on your personal feeling with a piece of art.

It is important to invest in something that talks to you and that you enjoy, especially if you plan to have the artwork in your house.

Art is very personal, so trust your feelings.

As an example, my first purchase back in 2005 cost me around $ 5000 US dollars and now it is valued at around $ 50,000 US dollars and at that time I was new in the market.

‘How do I learn more about art and the market?’

Educate yourself with museum shows, gallery shows, online exhibitions especially if you’re just starting to collect. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA) for example is giving free classes to learn about art.

Art galleries are also one of the best places to learn about art and artists and many of them are also free to visit in important cities like Paris or London. The big galleries there always have something on. Online viewing rooms are also available now and you can learn a lot from them too.

Art fairs are great too. If you can travel or visit them, it can provide an incredible experience to learn about art and to see what you want to start collecting.

Follow art auctions. This way, you can have a proper view about the art market. Many auctions are live online now, which means they are also very easy to follow.

‘How do I choose a contemporary artist to invest in?’

Take some time to research about your favourite artists. Social media platforms provide a great and easily accessible way to follow them, this way you can see their evolution and new projects. Following hashtags and specific art accounts on Instagram is also a fantastic way to discover new artists.

Also make sure to follow your favourite art galleries and museums, you can learn so much. You have some incredible websites like Artsy or Artnet where you can see available pieces by your favourite artists on the market, follow them and compare the prices.

‘Should I buy editions or originals?’

I would recommend to start with original artworks rather than lithography prints if you can.
I always think original artworks represent a very special moment and time of the artist, so if you can purchase an original you are not just buying art, but you are buying a moment, an emotion.

‘Should I follow the art market trend?’

Be careful not to simply buy what is fashionable. Art is also a trend and since being in the industry for many years I have seen that following the trend is not always the best investment.

Sometimes you over pay or you buy too late, it’s difficult to gauge the best timing to buy art simply when it is fashionable. Don’t forget, you can be the one to create the trend.