‘Artist in Focus’ Online Project

Date: 17 March 2020

In light of the recent developments of COVID-19, galleries, artists and their audiences have been faced with a period of uncertainty whereby the engagement with the arts has become increasingly challenging. Throughout our exhibitions we feel a huge responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of all our visitors, and during this period of uncertainty, continued engagement with our audience is very important to us. As such, JD Malat Gallery has decided to launch a unique online initiative that guarantees safe access to our collection as well as an opportunity to keep up to date with our programme.

We strongly believe in the shared experience of art; therefore, on the 19th of March, we will launch our Artist in Focus project. Posting a short video every Thursday for the next month on our social media platforms, we will provide further insight into our artists’ work as well as an exclusive glimpse into the behind the scenes of the gallery space.

Each mini clip will be marked by a small announcement, followed by a Q&A on our Instagram stories. This offers our audience the opportunity to actively take part in our online initiative by asking us questions about our artists, the contemporary art scene, and gallery practice.

We hope that in light of current events and social distancing, these short clips will encourage a continued engagement with our artists and our gallery’s exciting collection. Our online presence is an essential part of our gallery programme as we believe it communicates our vision of innovation and inclusivity with our wide-ranging audience.

While the gallery is closed until further notice, please take a look at our online virtual tour for an immersive experience available at www.jdmalat.com.