Artnet Gallery Network: 5 Emerging Artists Whose Colorful Works Stand Out in Artnet’s Gallery Network This Summer

Date: 18 August 2022

Georg Óskar, Has Somebody Seen Mikki, 2021, Oil on canvas, 195 x 195 cm


Berlin-based Icelandic artist Georg Óskar’s paintings are wry, yet genuine observations of daily life and the people and landscapes he encounters. His sense of levity offers an approachable way into dark, even obscene, subjects. Late last year London’s JD Malat Gallery presented the artist’s exhibition “Pain Thing,” whose title played on the act of painting and the resulting challenges involved in the process. These works were defined by a murky, somber palette that draws from the atmosphere of the Scandinavian landscape, while the artist’s raw, gestural brushstrokes further reflect a sense of isolation and distance from the larger world.


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