Artnet News: Emerging Artist Georgia Dymock’s Paintings Explore How Technology Has Changed the Way We See

Date: 26 February 2022

Dymock’s solo exhibition “Under Our Together” will open at London’s JD Malat Gallery in March.


Artist Georgia Dymock in her studio (2022).


About the Artist: English artist Georgia Dymock makes paintings rooted in both digital technology and traditional painting techniques. Dymock, who was just beginning an MFA at the prestigious Slade School, University College London, when the pandemic hit, returned to her childhood home and set herself to the task of painting uninterrupted for the next two years. Her process includes moving from hand-drawing to Photoshop and Illustrator and then finally back to the painted canvas. Dymock’s first solo exhibition, “Under Our Together,” opens at London’s JD Malat this March and includes several of her large-scale paintings of contorted figures.


Why We Like It: Dymock’s paintings are explorations of the reality in which we now live, vacillating between the physical and virtual realms, each serving as an escape from the other. The work is deeply inspired by the writings of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan (1911–80) and his most famous quotation “the medium is the message.” Dymock’s works explore how rapid digitalization has changed the way we see artworks as well as our own bodies.


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