Artnet News: Here Are 5 Emerging Stars From the Artnet Gallery Network Who We’re Watching Closely This Fall

Date: 30 September 2021

Luis Olaso, Composition for Monstera and a Circle (2021). Courtesy of JD Malat.


At the Artnet Gallery Network, our goal is to discover new artists each and every month. We sift through the thousands of talented artists on our site to select a few we find particularly intriguing right now.

This month, we’ve chosen five artists whose work we think you should know about, available at spaces from Olso to Istanbul. Check them out below.


Luis Olaso at JD Malat Gallery, London


Spanish artist Luis Olaso, known for his colorful and abstract depictions of plants and organic shapes, is having his first solo exhibition in the U.K. “Physis” at London’s JD Malat Gallery comprises 11 new mixed-media paintings and offers a window into the expressive possibilities of contemporary still life. The exhibition title comes from the Greek philosophical and scientific word meaning growth or change in nature; this idea is influential to the artist who allows his paintings to develop from a subconscious process.

“I consider all my work as a kind of continuous process of evolution, the elements, colors, and shapes mutate spontaneously, and I don’t know where they will go in the future,” Olaso said.


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