‘ecstasy’ by Hande Şekerciler at CerModern Museum

Date: 3 March 2021

We are pleased to present the solo exhibition ’ecstasy’ by leading female sculptor Hande Şekerciler. On display at the CerModern museum from 3 March until 20 April 2021, ‘ecstasy’ presents an important axis for contemplating the human ‘self’ in a contemporary age.

The exhibition displays the nude form, as well as figures partially clothed in golden drapery. The identity of each figure is ambiguous, we as the observer are not given any pointers which may be used to contextualise their existence in accordance with the standards set by societal norms. Fitting with the common themes found in Şekerciler’s work, the self and social issues, the figures are existing free of any labels, something the artist refers to as ‘purification’.

To prepare for the museum exhibition, Şekerciler developed a virtual exhibition, first seen on our platform PARALLEL in December 2020. Şekerciler used a ZBrush software and a creative XR Studio to create three-dimensional digital models of the sculptures, which were subsequently used for reference for the IRL exhibition. Presenting her work on both digital and IRL platforms underlines Şekerciler’s role as a protagonist in the field of contemporary digital art and sculpture.

Images courtesy of Hande Şekerciler and CerModern

For more information, please visit: https://www.cermodern.org/hande-şekerciler-ecstasy-eng.html