Exclusive Artist Interview with Katrin Fridriks by Nicole Brownfield 

Date: 12 March 2019

Congratulations on becoming the first female artist to have a solo show at the JD Malat Gallery. What do you think distinguishes your work from other female artists and what do you think in particular caught the eye of the gallery? Do you feel any pressure being the first female artist to have their own solo show? Thank you.

No, not really. I don’t feel any pressure. What I feel is rather just gratefulness. Gratefulness for having this privilege and the privilege of working with J.D. and his amazing team.

To me, the title of your exhibition ‘Grey Area’, carries connotations of a liminal, in between space, somewhere between black and white, something that cannot be seen or penetrated. What is the inspiration behind this title for your solo show? How does it relate to your artistic vision?

Yes, Grey Area is that in between space for, that undefined realm between black and white where everything is possible. It stands for all potentiality and possibility. The inspiration came while realizing how much of our understanding of the world, whether it be history or physics, is still what scientist call “a grey area”. So basically unknown, uncertain, undefined. Which means, and this is the main message, that there is still much to discover in this world or, like in this case with our solo show, re-discovered. Which for me, in my art, translates into going into uncharted territories, trying new approaches and techniques and once more push my own boundaries of what I thought would be possible.


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