Forbes: Artist Kojo Marfo Announces NFT Series: Strangers Collection

Date: 28 March 2022

Artistic NFTs never stop developing, and in the middle of the hype, real artistic currents emerge. Starting from the crypto kitties and the digital work of Beeple, the NFT movement has since evolved considerably and is even tending to become more professional.

In the middle, artists who had already revealed themselves in the more “traditional” universe are in turn launching NFT collections, as an opportunity to develop and promote their art in a different way and take advantage of the Web3.0 boom and all the opportunities it offers for the art world.

We had the chance to meet the artist Kojo Marfo who announced on this occasion the launch of an upcoming NFT series . The project will be launched in collaboration with the JD Malat gallery. 

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo, who passed through New York before settling in London, is launching his own collection of NFTs. Kojo grew up in the small town of Kwahu, a four-hour drive north of Ghana’s capital, Accra . Still a young man, he fell in love with the artist Pablo Picasso who then became one of his main sources of inspiration. Kojo is also inspired by ancient African objects such as masks in particular. The NFT series mint will take place during the month of April in collaboration with JD Malat Gallery . We took advantage of our exchange with Kojo and the members of his team to discuss his vision for his NFT project and the inspirations that allow him to deliver a strong artistic message.

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