GowithYamo | Hande Şekerciler ‘ecstasy’

Date: 1 December 2020

ecstasy exhibition space 2020

JD Malat Gallery recently launched ecstasy, an exhibition of digital sculptures by Hande Şekerciler hosted on their virtual platform PARALLEL. Hande Şekerciler is a Turkish artist known for the progressive nature of her practice, which fuses digital technology and traditional sculptural techniques. For ecstasy, the works displayed in the virtual space exist only as digital models and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world, a necessity in 2020 and a sign of where the artworld is moving.

Not only is Şekerciler a trailblazer of digital art, but also an enquirer of the notion of the ‘self’ in the contemporary world. The figures are stripped bare, lacking hair and clothing with ambiguous features. We as the observer are not given any pointers which may be used to gender or contextualise their existence in accordance with the standards set by societal norms. Fitting with the common themes found in Şekerciler’s work, the self and social issues, the figures are existing free of any labels, something the artist refers to as ‘purification’. The fluidity of the individuals is reflected in the fluidity of the works themselves, the smooth surfaces of the sculptures seemingly effortlessly exist in space, flowing into one another in tender and erotic embraces.

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