Hande Şekerciler at Mayfair Sculpture Trail 2021

Date: 2 June 2021

ecstasy self-portrait no:1, 2020, bronze with custom made chemical patina, 92 x 112 x 101 cm, Edition of 3 (#3/3)

JD Malat Gallery is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting one of celebrated Turkish artist Hande Şekerciler’s sculptures in the North-East section of Grosvenor Square during the Mayfair Sculpture Trail, 2 – 27 June 2021.

The Mayfair Sculpture Trail is a new addition to the annual Mayfair Art Weekend. It brings together a range of leading galleries to present a substantial program of free exhibitions, walks, talks and tours. As part of The Mayfair Sculpture Trail, art lovers will be able to see dozens of incredibly diverse sculptures appearing on the streets of Mayfair, in some of its most iconic locations.

The occasion marks the first time JD Malat Gallery will be exhibiting one of its artists in The Mayfair Sculpture Trail. Şekerciler is thrilled about the opportunity;

‘Presenting my work in Grosvenor Square is a really exciting opportunity. Grosvenor Square is an iconic space for the arts and culture and I am grateful that my work can be viewed in this space and engaged with by the international public of London.’

As a leading Turkish sculptor, Şekerciler is renowned for her figurative forms, crediting her influences as artworks of the Hellenistic and Renaissance periods. Artworks from these periods act as a stimulus from which she experiments ideas of form and social issues through her sculpture. While the smooth patinated surfaces of her sculptures recall the finessed forms of Hellenistic and Renaissance art, Şekerciler does not focus on the notion of the ‘ideal’ that was extensively explored during these periods.

First exhibited at the CerModern Museum in Ankara, Turkey, and now on display in the serene location of Grosvenor Square, ‘ecstasy self-portrait no:1’ depicts two writhing figures fused within a cascade of bronze drapery. The entwined figures are both hairless and genderless. Şekerciler describes this as a state of ‘purification’, in which the figures remain unconnected from societal labels and offer an important axis for self-reflection in our contemporary age.

Gallery Founder, Jean-David Malat further highlights the significance of this milestone, looking forward for the Turkish artist’s extraordinary and thought-provoking work to be displayed before the city of London;

‘I am so pleased to bring the monumental work of Hande Sekerciler to London. Displaying her sculpture in Grosvenor Square is truly an honour and I am excited that London’s public will be able to cross paths with her work unexpectedly. The open space of Grosvenor Square presents a new and engaging context for her work and I can’t wait to see the public interact with it.’

In such an age where the world finds itself overwhelmed with isolation, loss of identity, and dissatisfaction with one’s own being brought on by consumerism and mass media, Şekerciler aims to empower and challenge with her art through powerful messages of self-acceptance. ecstasy self-portrait no: 1 resonates with the contemporary age and highlights the innovative nature of Şekerciler’s work, demonstrating why her work continues to fascinate a global audience.

We look forward for audiences from all over London to be able to see her captivating sculpture!

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North-East of Grosvenor Square

London, W1K 6LD