Henrik Aa. Uldalen Isolation Series In Aid of COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund – Luxurious Magazine

Date: 3 April 2020

To see the full series click here: Online Catalogue ‘Isolation Series’

In light of the recent developments of COVID-19, JD Malat Gallery will support the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, with a donation of all sales made from an original series of paintings by one of our leading artists, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, made during the isolation period.

During this period of unprecedented uncertainty, JD Malat Gallery and artist Henrik Aa. Uldalen wishes to contribute to the efforts of WHO’s fund. The World Health Organization is leading and coordinating the global initiative by supporting countries to detect, prevent and respond to the pandemic. The donations will support the WHO’s efforts to understand the spread of the virus.

The WHO’s work ensures that frontline workers get crucial supplies and that patients get the care they need. Their work is essential in accelerating efforts to develop testing, vaccines and treatments all over the world.

Henrik Aa. Uldalen is a widely recognised artist; whose work explores the many facets of the human condition. During this period of isolation, Uldalen has created a series of 6 gouache paintings. With paintings that address the tenderness, and at times, the fragility of humanity, we believe that the themes at play in Uldalen’s work profoundly resonate with the current situation.

The arts are a great way of bringing people together in a period of crisis. With isolation happening, collaboration is more critical now than ever before. I am thrilled to help support people in the front line of COVID-19, especially through my passion for art.

Jean-David Malat, Founder of JD Malat Gallery, commented; “It is in times like these we really should come together and show appreciation to those who sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Please help support the brave people risking their lives for us.”

Henrik Aa. Uldalen, the artist said; “In a time of isolation, collaboration is important now more than ever. Thus, in donating the money made from the sales of this unique series, we also hope to contribute to a communal and supportive spirit.”

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