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Date: 29 November 2019


13 Dec 2019 — 11 Jan 2020 at the JD Malat Gallery in London, United Kingdom

29 NOVEMBER 2019
Fusion, 2019
Fusion, 2019

The Language in my body of work is subtle and still very much based on beauty…

After internationally recognised artist Henrik Uldalen’s first solo exhibition captivated millions all over the world, JD Malat Gallery is proud to present, Lethe , the artist’s second solo exhibition at JD Malat Gallery. One of the rare contemporary artists with almost one million followers on Instagram, his influence on social media is undeniable. Uldalen, also renowned for the thickly impastoed tumultuous portraits that illustrate the darker side of human emotion, has surpassed himself with a new body of work touching on themes of modern-day politics through his turmoiled figures.

Opening on the 13th December 2019 until 11t h January 2020,the exhibition explores themes of history vs. the collective memory. In this exhibition, Uldalen raises questions about the past, and society’s eagerness to return to it, by talking about the frail social recollection of history. His aim is to shed light on past patterns leading to conflict and errors.

The current political landscape in the West has highly motivated Uldalen in this new series. ‘Seeing world leaders so loosely construct a narrative in order to change the values, behavior and ideals of the public has scared me’. There is a strong presence of the colour pink in this exhibition which the artist has used as a metaphor for the rosy veil we place on areas of our life we are uncomfortable with. ‘The pink is a symbol of our minds’ ability to cope with the past by fabricating a more comforting narrative’. As such, Uldalen extends this metaphor by building up thick layers of pink paint to encompass his figures.

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