How to Use Social Media to Create an Art Collection, According to Jean-David Malat –

Date: 10 May 2018

Photography Glenn Gratton

Photography: Glenn Gratton

Jean-David Malat is one of the most powerful men in art. At the age of 43, the Paris-born, London-dweller has built up such a fierce reputation as a tastemaker in contemporary art it is said that he can make or break an artist with the nod of the head. Listing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kate Moss and Madonna as clients and friends, he’s also known as “the best-connected man in London.”

But here’s the thing. Unlike many stuffy galleries and curators, Malat credits one thing with helping him stay ahead of the game and getting to where he is today: social media. From Instagram to Snapchat, Malat trawls the web looking for upcoming talent, and says social media is fast democratizing a once elitist world.

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