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Date: 12 May 2020

In support of today’s artists


Group Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery Open Call to all UK-based Artists

JD Malat Gallery is excited to announce Isolation Mastered, a unique group exhibition featuring the work of 20 selected artists who demonstrate a creative response to the isolation period during COVID-19. From the 1st – 8th July, Isolation Mastered aims to give aspiring artists of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork in one of London’s leading galleries.

From the 15th May to 15th of June, JD Malat Gallery will welcome applications from all UK- based artists. All submissions will be carefully reviewed by our experienced committee, with members from curatorial, art collecting, art dealing and art advisory disciplines. This committee will select their top 20 artists whose work presents an innovative dialogue with this isolation period and demonstrates a masterful exploration of their chosen medium.

The 20 selected artists will be displayed in an exhibition during the first week of July. During this exhibition, JD Malat Gallery will welcome members of the public to decide on their favourite artist through a series of online and in-person votes. The artist with the most votes will receive an exclusive solo show at JD Malat Gallery in 2021.

With all profits made from the exhibition directed at each artist and their practice, the goal of this initiative is to support artists during this difficult time. As a gallery that has inclusivity and diversity at the core of its programme, JD Malat Gallery recognises this unique artist-led initiative as an opportunity to foster connection and strengthen the art community despite this period of newfound distance caused by the global pandemic.

“During this period of unprecedented uncertainty, art is one of the most important ways to foster positivity and connect our society. We hope that this initiative not only provides a platform for artistic expression during this challenging time, but also upholds a collective mission to support the art sector and give creative individuals of all backgrounds an opportunity to exhibit their work.” – Founder, Jean-David Malat

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