JD Malat Gallery and Katrin Fridriks collaborate with Jack Barclay Bentley

Date: 23 July 2019

  • Jack Barclay Bentley, JD Malat Gallery and world-renowned artist Katrin Fridriks have come together to create a totally unique piece of automotive artwork


  • Transformed with a design of Fridriks’ inimitable style, the Bentley Continental GT ‘SLC’ is clothed with a piece from her show ‘Speed of Light – Commander’


  • The one-of-one artwork will be on display at Jack Barclay Bentley – the world’s oldest Bentley dealership – from 25th September to 7th October, then at Mayfair’s JD Malat Gallery

Jack Barclay Bentley has joined forces with world-famous Icelandic artist, Katrin Fridriks, and JD Malat Gallery to create a totally unique piece of automotive artwork: the Continental GT ‘SLC’. 

This hand-crafted Bentley Continental GT has been transformed by the experts at WrapStyle, who applied a design in Fridriks’ inimitable style from her show ‘Light Speed – Commander’, imbuing the car with a sense of speed and motion, even at rest. The Continental GT ‘SLC’ is available to one buyer only, exclusively through Jack Barclay Bentley.

On display at Jack Barclay Bentley from 25th September to 7th October, and then at JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair for the remainder of October, the Continental GT ‘SLC’ brings together one of Mayfair’s oldest institutions and one of its youngest. Jack Barclay Bentley – the world’s oldest Bentley dealership – this year celebrates its 92nd year in Mayfair, as the JD Malat Gallery marks its first anniversary.

Earlier this year, Fridriks hosted her first solo exhibition at JD Malat Gallery, exploring an unknown frequency between the colours black and white, uncovering an expanse Fridriks describes as the Grey Area. For the SLC and her broader ‘Speed of Light – Commander’ show Fridriks combined this Grey Area with another of her trademarks: speed – and specifically, the queen of all speeds. The Speed of Light. As light is composed of photons possessing no antiparticle, this means that – in the world of light – dualism as we experience it does not exist. If one tries to imagine the point of view of a thing made of light, one must realize that, in that circumstance, there will be an experience of time zero: one exists in eternity.

Utilizing an exceptionally limited colour palette between black and white, the artist’s intervention allows the bold, hand-crafted lines of the car to come through her energetic liquid shapes. The abstract organic forms applied on the elegant surface of the powerful vehicle are following its impeccable design, accenting its raw performance and motion.. Starting with harmonious flowing marks in the front and accelerating towards splattering paint on the back, she is offering a different and unique appearance of the car depending on the variety of viewing points. Able to capture the movement of paint in nanoseconds, the precision of her creative process is an extension of the fine-tuned engineering and craft in each and every Continental GT.

The Speed of Light Commander Continental GT was revealed on the 25th September at Jack  Barclay Bentley, with the artwork applied live by the team from WrapStyle. Katrin herself unveiled the car at the, signing the one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental GT. The car will remain in Jack Barclay  Bentley alongside a number of Katrin’s other artworks, before taking up residence with the JD Malat Gallery for the remainder of October..

Katrin Fridriks explains: “I’m so excited about working in partnership with Jack Barclay Bentley to create this unique, automotive artwork.

“It’s the perfect marriage of the cornerstones of my art – capturing speed and energy, design, craftsmanship, precision and a strive for excellence.”


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