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London Live – Interview with Santiago Parra

16 November 2018

London debut for Columbian artist  Santiago Parra has his first UK solo exhibition at JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair. Black and white are the only colours that Columbian artist will use. He draws inspiration from the abstract expressionists of the 1950s and compares his bold powerful works to automatic writing. The...

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The Dark Arts Of Henrik Uldalen- Forbes

12 November 2018

It’s clear that London-based Norwegian artist, Henrik Uldalen deals in figurative paintings (and very good ones at that), but they’re updated with a contemporary disposition. Dark, ethereal, sublime, otherworldly and other such words spring to mind on first viewing his work. The pieces have a hypnotizing and bewitching quality, and this...

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Santiago Parra – Wall Street International Magazine

8 November 2018

In the show, Parra’s 14 abstract pieces accomplish the ideal of Automatic Painting; authentically expressing himself in that precise moment and eliminating deliberation, composition and image construction in favour of pure impulse, speed and the energy of a single, honest brushstroke, which is never retouched. Before his art education...

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Mirror of Darkness a Solo Exhibition by Zümrütoglu

5 September 2018

Celebrated Turkish artist, Zümrütoğlu is bringing his first UK exhibition to Mayfair’s JD Malat Gallery from the 1st of October until the 11th November. The solo show, entitled Mirror of Darkness, is inspired by the fear and barbarism in novelist Joseph Conrad’s work, and is Zümrütoğlu’s personal Heart of...

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JD Malat Gallery to Open With Exclusive Henrik Uldalen Exhibition

24 May 2018

The JD Malat Gallery is thrilled to announce an exclusive exhibition by London based Norwegian artist Henrik Uldalen. Metanoia is a new collection of seventeen paintings that will feature at The JD Malat Gallery located on Davies Street in Mayfair, which opens to the public on Monday 11th June...

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‘FRAME’ at BXR London – By Alan Chapman

22 February 2018

We are proud to announce JDMalat Gallery have been appointed curator for BXR London.   About BXR London BXR London, the world’s first high-end boxing gym, launched in January 2017, in Marylebone, W1. Dedicated to developing a championship mindset, we offer our members the standard of training, facilities and...

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Brand-new art gallery to open in Mayfair this Spring – FAD Magazine

15 February 2018

Jean-David Malat, internationally renowned art dealer and curator, is pleased to announce that he will be opening a brand-new art gallery in May 2018. The JD Malat Gallery will be located in Mayfair, near London’s prestigious Berkeley Square. Born in Paris but now London-based, Jean-David has over twelve years’...

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Art Attack Article – METRO

27 June 2017

Jean-David Malat's home is full of other people’s stories. The world-famous art dealer and tastemaker is showing us around his 1840s house in Lancaster Gate, going from one revered work to the next, whether it is an original Expressionist painting by Bernard Buffet, a limited-edition Damien Hirst print or...

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