The Contemporary Human Condition at JD Malat Gallery – Wall Street International Magazine

Date: 15 February 2020

The Contemporary Human Condition

19 Feb – 28 March 2020 at the JD Malat Gallery in London, United Kingdom

12th FEBRUARY 2020

JD Malat Gallery is proud to announce our group show of 2020, The Contemporary Human Condition.

The title of the group show, The Contemporary Human Condition, presents the best of JD Malat Gallery’s international artists who engage with the theme of contemporary life. This exhibition attempts to underline the importance of international dialogue focussing in particular on the artistic response to changing global conditions, political events and the impact of contemporary life on the individual.

In an attempt to tackle this series of complex connections, the exhibition is framed by the question; how does this selection of artists explore and express the many facets of the contemporary human condition? To answer this question, this exhibition responds to themes of conflict and escapism by juxtaposing such politically charged portraits of world leaders by Chinese artist Li Tianbing with the atmospheric and ethereal landscapes of Swiss artist Conrad Jon Godly. The Contemporary Human Condition highlights the range of responses from artists dealing with the complexities of contemporary life.

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