The Telegraph: Highly Praised Ghanaian Artist Kojo Marfo Announces His Own NFT Series

Date: 28 March 2022

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo is excited to announce his upcoming NFT collection. The collection will be minted throughout April 2022 through a collaboration with JD Malat Gallery and borrows elements from Pablo Picasso, artifacts, and masks.

Artwork is a powerful tool to highlight social issues and offer various perspectives on sensitive matters. Kojo Marfo sees art as a communication tool first and foremost, allowing him to tap into a growing pool of creativity and ideas. Marfo’s upcoming NFT collection is a logical extension of his work ethic and highlights the ongoing evolution of society.

For Marfo, NFTs are a medium to reach new people whether they want to invest or are passionate about the art world. Non-fungible tokens are the next frontier of communication for artists and create a connection between the real and digital world.

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