The Times: Up close to the A-list: confessions of a celebrity photographer

Date: 5 February 2022

Princess Diana and Liza Minnelli on the town after a charity premiere, 1991, and, right, Elizabeth Hurley in ‘that dress’, with Hugh Grant, at the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere, 1994. Both images were taken by Dave Benett: ‘Diana gave us eight seconds to take these’


Dave Benett, paparazzo turned society photographer, has asked me to meet him at Soho House on Greek Street in central London, but I am not 100 per cent sure what he looks like, so accustomed am I to seeing him with a Nikon to his face, features cast in shadow by the blitz of his flash gun. But I needn’t have worried. When he arrives, there are explosions of his name from all corners. “Dave! Dave!” a man waves vigorously, another pumps his hand, a woman blows a kiss. Young actors, Benett tells me. One might be a singer, now he comes to think of it. The exchanges continue as we pass along corridors, stars with glassy complexions: “Dave!” “Dave!” “Hi!” “Hi!”

This is striking.


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