To see is not to speak- Wall Street International Magazine

Date: 11 January 2019

The exhibition’s 15 extraordinary pieces expertly straddle both abstract and hyperreal, with photo-realistic mountains which drip from the canvas.

Up close, viewers can enjoy Conrad’s thick and heavy impasto marks, with frosty oils mixed with turpentine and his trademark wide, sculptural brushstrokes. But step back, and you might be looking at a photograph, staring down a misty precipice or gazing up at snow-capped peaks. The mountainous vista surrounding Conrad as he grew up, have become his muse, and he is passionate about conveying the essence of them, explaining: “My surroundings have a huge influence on me, artistically and personally.

“I don’t see myself as a landscape painter, I am interested in capturing the mood and feeling of light, or the reflection of the moon on snow.” After nearly two decades as a successful fashion photographer, Conrad walked away from the Jetset and the city in 2005, returning to his roots as a painter and the mountains of Chur, for more meaningful, meditative work, studying nature and using his understanding, combined with memory and imagination to bring it to life on his canvases. “Only after closely watching and listening, can you understand your subject. And understanding is crucial to paint the subject well.” He added.

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