Vogue: The Celebrity Photographer Beloved By Kate Moss And Princess Diana Shares The Stories Behind His Favourite Shots

Date: 1 March 2022


Dave Benett knows what it takes to get the perfect shot. For four decades, the Mauritius-born British photographer has been aiming his lens at some of the most fascinating figures of our time. He began his career as a specialist in news photography, capturing the 1981 Brixton riots and trials at the Old Bailey, before diving head first into the London party scene. In the VIP areas of crowded clubs, behind the scenes at glittering awards shows, and backstage at West End theatres on opening night, he snapped the pictures that would cement his reputation as the photographer of choice for the A-list: the Queen, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother marking the latter’s 99th birthday; Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss at a 1999 Versace show in chainmail minidresses; and Sienna Miller messing around with Mick Jagger at the premiere of Jude Law’s Alfie. What sets his images apart is that they’re impossibly glamorous and seductive, but also relaxed and joyous – a rare alchemy that can only be achieved with the implicit trust of his illustrious subjects.


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