Wall Street International Magazine: Santiago Parra

Date: 18 July 2020

Santiago Parra

15 Jul — 15 Aug 2020 at the JD Malat Gallery in London, United Kingdom

18 JULY 2020
Santiago Parra, Installation view. Courtesy of JD Malat Gallery
Santiago Parra, Installation view. Courtesy of JD Malat Gallery

When suddenly without wanting it, my arms lift the brush and a splash marks the beginning of the painting, in stupor I watch how the brush moves up and down, side to side and something gets written down on the canvas, I know it’s my unconscious writing but while it happens I am a witness to it all. When the energy has come out I know it’s time to lift the brush out of the canvas. The painting has now finished, I look up, exhausted, seeing it for the first time, I am surprised, amazed, at how this intriguing image has come out of myself.

(Santiago Parra)

JD Malat Gallery is proud to present Upheaval, a solo exhibition by Colombian artist Santiago Parra, from 15th July to 15th August.

Following Rising Action, the ground breaking solo exhibition that took place in 2018, Santiago Parra is back with his most accomplished body of work to date. Parra has described this exhibition as being more refined and more attuned. He has changed the way paint is applied and chosen deeper blacks with subtle nuances resulting in a more defined brushstroke. The change of style can be attributed to the period of isolation enforced by Covid-19 which had a direct impact on the artist’s aesthetic.

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