Zümrütoğlu: 5 Artists the Artnet Gallery Network Is Watching This November

Date: 9 November 2020

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We’re all in need of a distraction from the news cycle, and over at the Artnet Gallery Network, we’ve been channeling our anxieties into discovering new works by incredible contemporary artists from around the world.

This month, we’ve tapped into everything from electrically colorful portraits on view in Berlin, to meditative abstract woven works in Brooklyn.

If discovering new artists calms your nerves, here are five artists you may enjoy this November.

Zümrütoğlu, “Atonal Drift” at JD Malat Gallery, London 

Noone's Dance. Courtesy of JD Malat Gallery.

Zümrütoğlu, Noone’s Dance (2020). Courtesy of JD Malat Gallery.

Turkish artist Erdogan Zümrütoğlu’s gestural and expressive paintings are currently on view in “Atonal Drift” at London’s JD Malat Gallery. These recent works take inspiration from the compositions of Austrian-born composer and painter Arnold Schoenberg, who placed emphasis on atonality in a conscious attempt to avoid traditional harmony and create outside of conventional bounds. Zümrütoğlu channels these energies into swirling strokes and splashes of thickly applied paint in his pictures and in the twisting forms of his sculptures to push renderings of the human figure to the limit.