Art Advisory, Curatorial and Exhibition Services

JD Malat Gallery aims to provide a personalized service to its clients. When working with collectors, we will employ our deep list of contacts to find the artworks that best suit their needs. We are apprised of the newest emerging artists and trends, and can find works that will match any aesthetic desires. Additionally, we are up to date with all market opportunities and advise our clients interested in art as investment on the most in-demand works of contemporary art. We intend to create a network between artists, collectors and institutions.

JD Malat Gallery connects talented artists with international museums, galleries, and private collections to prepare short-term and permanent exhibitions. We also aid artists in finding a market for their work, fostering connections between them, institutions and collectors with potential interest in their art.



Helping artists find where their space in the marketplace

JD Malat Gallery’s artworks from our emerging and established artists are at the core of the programme. We aim to discover and promote new artists continuously so that our programme continues to grow stronger. We foster our artist’s careers ensuring that their work is placed in the best collections worldwide, in private and public collections alike. We help them find where their art fits in the marketplace so that they can continue to produce the art they love. Finding tomorrow’s artists is our passion and our drive and we aim to be the top resource for new artists as they continue their art career. We seek to give our artists the best exposure they need to showcase their artworks both in our own exhibition space and beyond.


Acquiring artworks and facilitating their sale to private collectors

JD Malat Gallery acts as a broker, acquiring artworks and facilitating their sale to private collectors. Jean-David Malat has a wealth of experience in dealing with the secondary market. Over the past 12 years, he has brokered the sales of contemporary works such as those of Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter. Additionally, he has handled the sales of masterpieces from Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger and Joan Miro. For his career, JD has facilitated hundreds of sales of artistic works.


Our highly skilled professionals can help on all aspects of installation.

We provide our clients a full service experience, including installation in your location of choice. Our team members are all proficient and experienced, and can help on all aspects of the installation.


We take care of storage for our clients.

Our excellent team stores all our clients’ artwork in storage facilities across the UK. Storage security is our utmost priority. Our staff is trained to handle valuable artworks with the greatest possible care.


We handle shipping and delivery for our clients.

Our experienced team is well versed in the international shipping business, so you can be assured that your piece of art is shipped and handled safely and in a timely manner.


We work with the best custom framers in the UK.

Our team believes that each frame should be produced with care and attention. We do custom frames to specification and we can also suggest the most appropriate frame to complement any new purchase.